About Us

We are a group of NY graffiti artists for hire with 20 years creative experience specializing in aerosol art. We are known for our clean and quality work at affordable rates.

We are available to paint…
• Corporate & Small Business Spaces: Transform your work space into lively works of art with custom graffiti, signage or logo reproduction. We can paint any design/image/logo that you would like.
• Events: pop-up corporate events, parties, festivals, sporting events, bat mitzvah, kids parties and more.
• Graffiti Rooms: Have us decorate your room with a special customized graffiti piece. If you rather a more traditional approach, we can also paint any size canvas for you to display.

We offer FREE estimates!
Email: info@hire-GRAFFITI-NY.com
Phone: 917-476-8845


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