Q: How do I get an estimate?
A: Every job is unique so we usually have to come look at the space to give an accurate estimate. The following info helps us better understand the scope of the project for a rough estimate:
• Rough size of the area to be painted (length x height)
• What you are looking to have painted (any visual references/inspiration is helpful. ) Styles of painting include: traditional graffiti, abstract imagery, lettering, illustration, photo realism, etc.
• Where you are located and how soon you are looking to have the work completed.
• An idea of your budget (when possible.)

Q: Will I see a sketch before you begin work?
A: We provide an initial rough concept (and in some cases a visual reference of a past similar job) for free. Once the contract is signed, we can provide up to 3 drafts of a one color sketch before we begin the actual work. Based on your contract, it is also possible to have more than 3 drafts.

Q: Are you insured?
A: Yes, we are an insured mural painting business. We can provide a COI upon contract sign off. If your place of business is required to be included as “additional insured” on our insurance, we would just require a 3-5 business days notice.

Q: How long does the art work usually take to complete?
A: Every job is different depending on the size, detail, weather conditions, etc. On average, the majority our jobs are completed within a couple days.

Q: How much will the spray paint smell indoors and is it safe to be around?
A: The aerosol fumes may last up to 24 hours indoors but may go away much quicker if you have windows or ventilation. We recommend that you do not stick around (without a mask) while we are in the process of painting. If you are doing a live event, we can use paint markers and low odor spray paint (Liquidtex) to minimize the fumes.

Q: What happens if the art work is vandalized?
A: There is always a small chance of exterior art work being vandalized although it rarely happens from our experience. We are always open to coming back to fix any artwork that has been defaced at a discount. Based on the amount of damage, the discounted “maintenance” rates will vary.

Q: Could I supply my own spray paint to save on costs?
A: We strongly recommend that you go with the specialized spray paint that we provide. We could use spray paint that you supply but we cannot guarantee the quality of the artwork. We also use specialized nozzles for different effects that are not compatible with all brands of spray paint.

Q: Do I need a permit to have art work (graffiti) on the exterior of my property?
A: As long as you have permission from the property owner (could be yourself), you do not need a permit to have art work, (yes, graffiti included) on the exterior of your property. If you are painting an advertisement as opposed to public artwork, it may be subject to local signage laws.